Swoodle is not like other file sharing and editing apps.

This newly released app was developed by DisplayNote Technologies in 2014 and was created with student and education purposes in mind.

Swoodle allows to you co-edit files in real time. Users can take content from anywhere in the cloud. This means whether one uses Google Drive, Dropbox, or their own storage device, you can share them with multiple people at once.

It can include two, three, or even eight people. All members in a group can see any edits being made by other users as it happens. All the while, the group has an active live chat.

Not only is there instant messaging, but there is also voice and video chat.  Swoodle can be used solely as a communication device through instant messaging, voice and video chat.


Users can also multitask by having a video chat and a file up on the screen at the same time. They can talk, collaborate and edit in real time. It can be used for students on school projects or executives who need to review documents.

Either way, it eliminates the need of sending files back and forth to multiple parties through emails and waiting for responses.

Swoodle is currently available to download in the Apple Store for iOS devices. Click here to be taken to the page.