“Humans of New York” influences WCSU student to create “Humans of WestConn”

Over the summer, student Clarence Pacete was moved to start a “Humans of WestConn” after a friend started one up at his college with a lot of success. This drove Pacete to start an Instagram account, @humansofwcsu, to begin his vision of “Humans of Westconn”.

Pacete’s goal of “Humans of Westconn” is to bring new unity into the student body.
“Hopefully when people see this account, people will want to find some new friends around campus, and also want to stay after classes and become more involved,” says Pacete. He envisions that more students will branch out and become more excited about going to Westconn.

Pacete’s style to interview for @humansofwcsu is simple and straightforward. At first, he strikes up a conversation with a person and begins to talk about his or her interests. Subtly, he will pin-point something that they are passionate about, then ask a simple question for them to answer. This ends up on the account with the person’s permission. As of right now, Pacete wants to keep the questions lighthearted and “not too deep and not too general.”

Recently, Pacete expanded his network to Facebook, where he created its page “Humans of Westconn”.

In the future, Pacete plans to expand “Humans of Westconn” by “making people more aware that the account exists and conduct more interviews around campus.”

Pacete’s goals are to expand his target population by interviewing faculty and to gain popularity on social media.

Pacete anticipates that as the semester goes, there will be an increased awareness and popularity about “Humans of Westconn”.

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