It Started With A Clock

Time almost came to a halt for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Monday morning when he went to school with a clock he had made on his own within 20 minutes and was subsequently arrested. A Muslim living in Irving, Texas with an aspiration to become an engineer, he was ecstatic to show the clock off to his teacher….

“Humans of New York” influences WCSU student to create “Humans of WestConn”

Over the summer, student Clarence Pacete was moved to start a “Humans of WestConn” after a friend started one up at his college with a lot of success. This drove Pacete to start an Instagram account, @humansofwcsu, to begin his vision of “Humans of Westconn”.

Pacete’s goal of “Humans of Westconn” is to bring new unity into the student body. 
“Hopefully when people see this account, people will want to find some new friends around campus, and also want to stay after classes and become more involved,” says Pacete. He envisions that more students will branch out and become more excited about going to Westconn.

A Tribute to Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s greatest old time catchers, managers, and one of the famed quotemen of baseball, died on September 23rd at the age of 90. Berra, whose career was spent entirely in New York playing and managing for both the Yankees and Mets, as well as coaching the Houston Astros, was considered one of baseball’s legends.

GOP Presidential Debate: Highlight on Marco Rubio

Shiny S. Patel General Sections Editor I thought that Marco Rubio was well-spoken during his performance during the Republican Presidential debate. During the brief introductory part of the debate, he tried making a joke about the drought in California, however, that I didn’t find very humorous. He said that since California was experiencing a drought,…

Fall TV Preview

Now there are a thousand shows that are debuting or returning in the fall, but the one that I’m looking forward to most is season 2 of “How to Get Away with Murder!” Please don’t ask me what’s better: that or “Scandal,” because really I have no idea. Both shows are residents of “Shondaland” as…

New Milford cemetery to kill woodchucks in organized hunt

Jordan A. Sprogis Editor-in-Chief Due to the recent damage by woodchucks in Center Cemetery, New Milford is conducting an unusual organized hunt to control its population.  The Center Cemetery is privately owned and has stones dating to 1719. The woodchucks’ population has raised concern after they began to dig under the foundation of the headstones, causing them to…

Is Johnny Back? I Think So!

Johnny Depp is far from Willy Wonka in “Black Mass”, a gangster film based on the real life James “Whitey” Bulger and his criminal activities. The movie was released by Warner Brothers on Sept. 18.  Whitey Bulger (Depp), prior to becoming a fugitive and one of FBI’s Most Wanted, was involved in organized crime occupying South Boston. In…

The Problem With The Phrase “Netflix and Chill”

   There are memes all over the Internet about it. You’ll find the phrase on Tinder and Yik Yak. Step onto a college campus during the weekend, and you’ll hear it in over-abundance: “Netflix and chill.”  It usually goes like this: two people, who are most likely interested in each other, will begin talking. They may discuss…