Dear Mr. God,

 Can I “dream a little dream of me” being in the audience at the Savoy during the Roaring Twenties listening to the greats?                                       Tonight?

 Benny Goodman. Duke Ellington. Ethel Waters.

Can I watch Josephine Baker dance and “twerk” with elegance and body in Paris?

                              Can I wear the fashion?

                                                         Can I fly across the floor?

  I wouldn’t mind diving back to the depressed thirties and forties if it meant listening first row to the Lady Sing the Blues or Ella Fitzgerald.

         Ella Fitzgerald. Her voice is satin. Effortless. My favorite. I can hear her sing and scat all day long.

Also, Louis Armstrong! What I’d do to hear that man play!

         Just for tonight in a sweet dream let me experience the heart of jazz.

            An entire era in eight hours.

There’s nothing like the real deal. Living in the radio with them. Feeling the pulse of his instrument, the climax of her tune. The energy of it all. Being in their existence.

  I just want to lay my head and shut my eyes then fall deep. Deep in a decade. The jazz age. Like no other. And wake up in the morning inspired and unforgettable.

        Pretty please, God.


                                                                                                                                                A Believer

“Jurassic World” Review

The movie Jurassic World holds a great deal of the wow factor for the smartest dumb people in today’s society. The best parts about the 4th installment of the Jurassic Park movies is the mindless entertainment the movie does provide for two hours of escape.  Second, the super dinosaur that has been genetically created by the park to raise sales brings you back to the day Steven Spielberg had your heart racing from the original movie back in 1993. On the other side of the coin, the worst parts about this movie is the undeveloped characterizations of the cast that seem to teeter on the borderline of unbelievable to mildly entertaining. However, the worst part might have been the blasé attitude toward human to animal violence and male attitude against unmarried women who want a career instead of kids.

On the more intelligent side of the movie, the four or five good action scenes have that Spielberg feel about them that make your heart beat faster thanks to the age of special effects. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, he was clearly influenced by Spielberg’s style yet not so obsequiously. The action scenes were loud and got your blood pumping but were predictable.  The last half hour of the movie becomes a man hunt in the dark becoming a whirlwind of tails, teeth, and death. By the end of the movie, you may find yourself voting for the infamous T-Rex to win the epic fight against the super-hybrid dinosaur. However, in the end he gets some help from someone who makes his appearance in a splash.

 By the time the movie ends, there is a sense of a reoccurring theme, that “Will they ever learn?” (An actual line Chris Pratt’s character says in the movie) and wasn’t it just like the other movies? The same sense that every movie reincarnation these days has to be bigger, louder, and more impressive then the last one.  All in all, the movie is worth seeing in IMAX 3D for the “wow” factor and the kid at heart who just wants to be entertained. The one question that burned in my mind was, “What would Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill from the Jurassic Park Movies have done if they were in Jurassic World?” That is a movie I would want to see!