“Furious 7” Review

Airplanes, skyscrapers, booty shots, oh my! When one goes to see a Fast & Furious movie, no one expects to cry. We go rather to have an awesome time and forget about the important things in life like college and relationship issues. From the ridiculous stunts to the hilarious one-liners from The Rock, it is everything you would expect from movies like this. But this installment is special. It’s the last to feature Paul Walker, whose beloved character, Brian O’Connor, alongside Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, was central in the franchise. Walker was tragically killed in November 2013, delaying the 7th film’s production. Ultimately, the result was mind blowing. With a little bit of CGI and change to the story, the movie proved to be a success in the box office when it was released on April 3rd.

The plot? No idea! The action? Top notch! The villain? Jason Statham… enough said! And you could always rely on R&B crooner Tyrese for a laugh here and there. The theme since the very beginning has been family, and the tribute for Walker seemed fitting courtesy of flashbacks from prior Furious flicks, Wiz Khalifa’s poignant single See You Again, and a monologue by Diesel, who always looked at Walker like a brother. So expect to say “OH SHIT” a lot, laugh out loud, and shed a few tears! (Yes even grown men will cry). Furious 7 is currently “flying” in theaters!

Check it out before final exams start to take over your lives!

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