Hannah Stewart
Contributing Writer


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first and only use of atomic weapons for warfare in human history.  Two bombs were dropped in two Japanese cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945.  It is estimated that 150,000 people were killed instantly, however the final tally of those who died would rise to more than 190,000.  It took only five days after the bombings for Japan to surrender, bringing an end to World War II.

There are seven countries in the world that have nuclear warheads.  Every five years, 175 countries meet at the United Nations in New York City with the hope of abolishing nuclear weapons. This year is special; students can participate.

70 international organizations have coordinated a movement on April 24 to 27, taking place in NYC, to encourage the United Nations and the nuclear capable countries to eliminate their arsenals, and implement policies to improve the lives of every citizen around the world.  There is a rally, march and Peace Festival on April 26th, and students are encouraged to not only attend, but to help with the planning and outreach as well.

One WCSU student, Heidi Odenwaelder says, “It is exciting that these organizations want students to get involved, and are allowing us to participate and help make a difference in something that’s so important in securing the safety of not only our citizens, but around the world as well.”  Odenwaelder is a Political Science major and one day hopes to be a part of the United Nations to help make such important decisions.


There are also easier ways to get involved and make a difference.  There is a petition, The Petition for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, that anyone can sign and share, available on the Peace and Planet website.  There are posters available for download that students can post anywhere.  Students can also follow the Peace and Plant organization on Twitter and Facebook, and just share some of the posts about the movement to followers, spreading the word.

For more information about the rally, the march and festival, or about the movement itself, go to http://www.PeaceeandPlanet.org, or email info@peachandplanet.org.

You can also follow the organization on Twitter, @PeaceandPlanet, or add them on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/PeaceandPlanet.