Last spring, we presented a young up-and-coming WestConn performer known around the area as S-Clive. Inspired primarily by his family and the people around him, S-Clive has been diligently working towards creating and producing his own music. When we talked to him last spring, he was adamant about the fact that 2014 would be a pivotal year in terms of his music. Strides would be taken to push both him and his music to the next level. One year later, and we sat down with S-Clive again to discuss music, inspiration, and beginnings, as well as speculation as to what 2015 will bring.

On getting his start in music: “I got my start in music by family cuz basically where you learn stuff. My uncle would be listening to a lot of rap music…I got an interest in doing that. I would say my cousins and my mom also. Personally, I would watch TV and gain interest.”

On describing his music: “My music…I don’t know. I can’t really describe it. It’s like, I can’t describe in like a genre. I gotta describe as in ‘what are you listening to.’ Maybe it could be good music to you, it could be bad music to him.”

On where he finds his inspiration: “My inspiration…it’s really from the people I know.

You know, my mom, she’s my inspiration, and a lot of people that I know personally that their mostly my inspiration. I just do the people that rely on me, that count on me.”

On his plans for his music in 2015: “This year, I plan on getting on the radio more. I plan on making more videos, plan on being heard in the clubs more cuz last year, I just built a foundation- just a little base, something that I could work off of. A lot more things is gonna happen this year physically.”

On the message he wants to give to people who hear his music: “I wanna get a message across saying  don’t quit, don’t stop. Cuz at one time, my music was really questionable. The reason why I say don’t stop is because…I wasn’t really that good at the time. If you keep working at something you set your mind to, you could achieve anything.”

On future performances and shows: “There’s a Chocolate Lounge where people perform their music or whatever they do by the Black Student Alliance. I’m signed up for that- I think it’s on the 27th. That’s one performance that I look forward to doing cuz it’s a lot of people I know and people at WestConn really like my music. Besides that, I actually have something set up for the radio. I send music out to somebody. It’s played on an unsigned artist thing. I’m trying to really have it played more every day. I have a new song out called ‘God Damn.’ I released it on Christmas. I’m trying to do a video for that this semester and I feel that would be good cuz everybody can watch a video. People will like it.”

At the end of our interview, S-Clive asked to make a shout-out to some of the people in his life.

 “Shout out to Maui, to my boys from New York. I wanna shout out Dapper Don E, Flee Kappo, Aaron, Bxtch. All the producers. Shout out my boy from back home, the Cool Kid. He’s a producer that I started with, one of the first steps I made to [my] music career. To everybody who’s rocking with me. Shout out to all the haters, cuz I can’t do it without them, having people talk about me. “

 Be sure to check out S-Clive’s Twitter (@RealSclive) and Instagram (@CashMoneyJunior). All his music can be found on SoundCloud ( To get in contact with S-Clive, he can be reached at