In Terms of Racism

Roberto Caceres Contributing Writer   In keeping with this issue’s theme of Black History Month, I would like to state … More

Valentine’s Everyday

Roberto Caceres Contributing Writer     Everyone seems to have an opinion on Valentine’s Day. Some believe that it has … More

Bringing Brooklyn Hype to Danbury

While you may have heard the sonic booming of his speaker- installed-backpack at various locations around campus, very few students know the truth about why WCSU student, Devante Escoffery, frequently plays soulful tunes from his backpack. In this in-depth interview, Devante answers questions dealing with those who appreciate the music and those who detest it as well as what he feels he has brought to Western’s campus community.

Student Center Roof Construction and Troubleshooting

   Amidst a gradual buildup of loud and booming footsteps stomping above the second floor of the Midtown Student Center, many WCSU students can agree that it sounded like a ceiling collapse or two was inevitable. The WXCI Campus Radio office and the Student Center Gaming Room were two such locations that were unfortunate enough to have their ceilings collapse during the final weeks of the Fall 2014 semester (Thanksgiving week for WXCI and the first week of December for the Game Room).